Happy New Year! It’s 2023! 🎉

I created an AWS serverless API that I called “Jarvis” over the Xmas break in 2021 to learn a few new things - AWS CDK is awesome!

I have Apple Home Automations setup that send it events. For example, when my Philips Hue outdoor sensor in my driveway detects motion, it calls the Jarvis API and registers an event.

Since Dec 2021 my Jarvis API has recorded over 200,000 events. It costs me about $0.10 AUD to run in AWS per month … super expensive.

My next task is to play around with the event data that has and continues to be generated, perhaps with streaming + smart notifications? visualisations? insight?

If you’re interested and want to run your own Jarvis API, I’ve open sourced the code here - jarvis-api

Jarvis API