In January 2013 I wanted to try something different, and decided to try running as I had never been a runner. In February I wrote a short story called Running, and then went on to write a few more blog posts during the year related to running.

While I was doing all this writing, I ran a total of 529.3 kilometers, for 53 hours, and burned 51,578 calories, which is about 25 days worth of food for an adult (based on 2,000 calories a day).

At the beginning of the year I could barely run 2.5 kilometers, in 6 minutes, 42 seconds per kilometer.

By the end of the year I had run in the City to Surf 12 kilometers (I finished in 1 hour, 14 minutes, 1 second), and finished the year strong with an arbitrary goal - run 5 kilometers every day for 5 days. I had also run 2.8 kilometers in 4 minutes, 39 seconds per kilometer.

I also lost 12.8 kilograms.

This year I plan to train and run in the City to Surf Half Marathon, which according to Google is 21.097494 kilometers. Very precise, thanks Google.

As I look back at last year it’s the experience of running (and writing about it) that I loved, and it’s why I kept doing it. It’s not about the numbers.