I was out running early this morning, and RunKeeper had just finished coldly relating the facts of my run performance so far. I wasn’t doing great, but in my defence I was sore from the full-body workout the day before.

I don’t wear a watch, and I wanted to know what time it was.

The music was playing.

(press+hold button)

“What’s the time?"

"It’s 6:20 am, much too early!”

I laughed, and then thought…

(press+hold button)

“What’s on my schedule for this morning?"

"You have an appointment at 10:00am. Would you like to hear more about it?”


“At 10 am, Liam Swimming Lessons, at *** Swimming Pool”

Cool, I had forgot about that.

(press button)

The music resumed.

What’s next? conversing with your car?

We’re living in the future.